Female Representation at the Berlinale 2015

In 2015 I paid my first visit to the International Film Festival in Berlin, known as the Berlinale. One of the things I looked at while I was there was the representation of female directors in the festival programme.


Fronting female directors is something that I work with in other settings as well, not least through the (Norwegian language only) feminist film website Filmamasoner. However, as it was my first visit to an event of this size and which has such a massive influence on the international film business, it was very interesting for me to look at the issue of representation from a new, or least much wider, angle than I normally do. One of my driving forces behind doing work like this is that I believe we need to keep pushing films by female directors until we no longer feel the need to use terms like “women’s films” at all – but just see them as films.

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